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Pakistan newspaper, Dawn, has a unique take on the ongoing political drama of Pakistan. The author’s commentaries bring a rare insight into the opaque political scene in Pakistan. Dawn, published in Urdu, is one of the most read newspapers in Pakistan. It describes many political players and issues, such as, Benazir Bhutto’s future, the government, and cricket.

The Benazir Bhutto affair shocked the nation. The prime minister was questioned for her decision to hold a three-day state-wide election. She later said that she would form a committee to study Benazir Bhutto’s performance. Later that day, she announced the formation of the commission. Benazir Bhutto lost her seat but her daughter Mina became Prime Minister.

The economy of Pakistan is dependent on foreign currency. Therefore, the exchange rate of Pashmina affects the economy. The exchange rate of Pashmina is strongly influenced by political events in Pakistan. Political turmoil often sparks off economic unrest in Pakistan.

Dawn is not only a political daily but also a business daily. The contents of the newspapers are carefully selected. It contains information on the latest in the business and banking industries. Dawn contains information on the recent bank loan revamp and the property market. This is another area where businesses and individuals vie for advantage, through the media.

Dawn has a complete series of articles on the current international political scene. It provides comprehensive coverage on all major political developments. International terrorism, human rights abuses and the general political atmosphere of Pakistan are featured in this newspaper. It discusses briefly, the conflict in Kashmir and Indian aggression in South Asian countries.

The economic benefits of Pakistan’s economy are also discussed in the Dawn newspaper. The price of commodities has been stabilizing lately due to increased foreign investment. Businesses throughout the country have benefited from this. The market is also witnessing an upsurge in retail trade. Dawn highlights the successes and failures of various private, state and government enterprises in the current economic scenario.

Pakistan’s only international daily, Dawn has a broad range of topics. It also discusses controversial topics, which are usually related to the national political scene. It gives an unbiased account of the national and international news and events. The international coverage is done by correspondents who come from various countries.

Dawn has four international editions. They are released at the beginning of each month. Pakistanis and foreigners read these newspapers with interest. There is a thriving business in the commercial printing industry in Pakistan. Many prominent newspapers and publishing houses have also closed down in recent years, owing to dwindling business.

Dawn has a complete series of pictures and illustrations depicting the political, social, business and cultural happenings of Pakistan. It also gives an account of important days of the Pakistani calendar. Dawn has a popular daily program devoted to the politics and public personalities. Many of the popular television channels in Pakistan are advertised in Dawn. These include Geo TV and Pakistan Television Network.

Dawn boasts one of the largest collection of travel articles in the world. It has a travel section that carries detailed accounts of all sorts of travels, both domestic and international. It is home to several travelogues. The travelogues are designed by renowned photographers and are a great way to acquaint oneself with a particular place. Some of the famous travelogues are Pathani North, Pakistani Camp, Warat Mehrangarh and South Asian Tour.

Dawn highlights the achievements and failures of various Pakistani political and social leaders. It also reports on the business scenario of Pakistan. The business sections of Dawn feature the accounts of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan and the progress made by them. The account of the manufacturing, construction and services sectors in the Dawn include accounts of different companies involved in these sectors.

Dawn carries an Online edition that has articles related to all the facets of life covering education, politics, business, culture and sports. The online version of Dawn features blogs and articles written by columnists. These provide an up-to-date insight into current affairs and news. Some of the blogs give an idea of how the political leadership deals with the crisis. Some Dawn Online content is in English and Urdu.

Dawn newspaper has been published since 1930. Today, it is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Pakistan. It enjoys wide coverage and wide distribution in rural areas as well as major cities. The international profile of Dawn is largely because of the English language content, which reaches a wider audience across the world.

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