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Today Pakistan news headlines are very often not of the good kind. There is a lot that is negative about Pakistan, but this is true of India also. However, Pakistan sometimes indulges in propaganda like the Chinese government does to make itself look good. It does this by highlighting bad aspects and rarely does it bring up positive aspects. They just do whatever they can to drag the attention of the media.

The media, of course, has no problem with this at all. But we ought to take note that these headlines are often not even news at all. Rather they are just propaganda and they are not written as news but rather a well-written article with some interesting facts about something that happened somewhere in Pakistan or elsewhere in the world. Yes, Pakistan often indulges in sensational journalism. They love to find any kind of story that is juicy and then they will write headlines about it. But then again they cannot be called real journalists because they are not.

These headlines often reflect some kind of news about the war, political turmoil, unrest or violence. They are not unbiased. Instead they reflect what the powers that be want everyone to know. And what do these powers want everyone to know? They want the world to think that they are winning the war so that they can go on to Kashmir and throw soft bombs where they please. In fact this is one headline from a Pakistan news agency that I remember.

But then if you look closely at today’s headlines you will realize that this is mostly not true. Instead you will realize that most of them are actually anti-American or anti-India. The fact is that today Pakistan is trying to win friends and influence other nations through these headlines; because apparently they are afraid that Americans will leave Pakistan and go to India.

Of course, there are many Americans who have given their lives fighting alongside Pakistanis in the name of protecting the innocent people of Kashmir. So why would America want to pull out of that mess? You see the reality of today’s world is that we have to be the strong nation. And in order to be the strong nation; we need to have strong allies.

Today the United States is allied with India, a great ally and good friend. We are allied with Pakistan and Iran as well. We are allied with the Philippines, a strong Southeast Asian nation. Therefore, I would submit to you that if you are going to read these Pakistani news headlines; you have to realize that much of it is propaganda.

Now then, let me put it to you in blunt terms. There is no doubt whatsoever that Pakistan has done a lot to rid itself of terrorism. It is unfortunate that many in the western media will try to make it out to be otherwise. As far as I am concerned the only way that Pakistan does not deserve any praise for all that it has done is if someone puts a shoe on their head and calls them a terrorist. That is the true reality and if anyone is going to call America a terrorist nation; they need to come clean on this one.

Okay, so, I’m done speaking about today’s Pakistan news headlines. Let’s talk about tomorrow. What do you think the outcome of the Iraq war will be? Do you believe the US is winning this war and have all American troops safely home? Let’s discuss.

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