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Are you looking for news about school and education in Pakistan? Today the country is progressing at a rapid pace and so is the education sector. Thanks to the efforts of the federal government, all educational institutes and colleges are able to offer quality education without any financial or other constraints.

In today’s world, every student is highly motivated to complete his schooling and choose a profession that will take him to the top. However, the education sector in Pakistan has been facing problems in the past few years. The economy is gradually developing, but there has been no improvement in the overall education level. Some schools are even not able to meet the demand, leading to a drastic drop in enrolment. It seems that the dream of a successful and bright future is missing from many students’ minds.

The situation is worse in the rural areas, which are the most backward in terms of education. Even the students who get through the schools barely manage to complete their courses. This is mainly because of the poor quality of teaching and the slow progress of the curriculum. Most students live in a village and do not have access to a proper school.

The poor quality of teaching and the slow progress of the curriculum are causing student’s frustration and failure in learning. With this, parents are shifting their children to other schools nearby the village. This is a risky move, as it might attract the wrong elements to the area. Students may be kept inside the classroom for days together and even be forced to learn without enough time to play outside.

Although there are problems in education in Pakistan, but there are also bright sides. A student who knows how to study well and is lucky enough to get into a good school can expect a bright future. He will be able to join big companies without much problem after passing the interview. It is true that not all students are talented or smart but with proper guidance, they can become successful. In addition, with proper teaching methods, they can become successful in their lives too.

The people attending a school are usually very nice. They have manners and they always behave politely in a classroom. There are no bad students in any school. The only bad scenario is seen is when students throw things at the teacher or students while being unruly.

In fact, there are some parents who take money from the government and open a private school. They charge a fee for tuition fees and get their students educated. The government provides subsidies to such private schools and makes sure their students get an education. Thus, the government also encourages educational institutions in the country.

Moreover, the students of private schools also have the opportunity of participating in various events and fairs. There are many school fairs organized every year. These fairs include sports and other activities such as art and craft exhibitions, photography exhibitions and plays. Some of these events are sponsored by the government and others are organized by private organizations. If you are interested to participate in any of these events, you should visit a website which offers information about the upcoming school fairs in your area.

Today Pakistan news is also filled with reports about school expessions. School expulsions are common in Pakistan; however the number of students opting to expel themselves from school is on the increase. Expelled students are treated badly and sometimes even put on blacklists.

Students are expelled if they fail to complete their studies or if they indulge in any misconduct such as drug use, violence, theft, and eve teasing. Sometimes students are expelled for minor reasons like breaking the classroom decorum. There are several reasons why students are expelled from school but students should not be expelled for reasons like fighting and bullying.

Fighting among students is not okay and such fights should not be allowed. In such cases, the students should be disciplined internally rather than through illegal means. However, if a student is caught fighting in a school fair, he/she should be arrested and punished. The parents of the expelled students should ensure that their children have a good future by ensuring that their children do not indulge in criminal activities.

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