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Game of the Thrones – Who Wins Game of the Throne?

“Who Wins Game of Thrones?” is the latest hilarious spin on a popular TV series. This time, instead of looking for clues in the newly reconstructed streets of King’s Landing, poor Eddition finds himself trapped with the rest of his throng in the Red Wedding pod of HBO’s Game of Throne. For those unfamiliar with the HBO hit, here’s a quick refresher. Longtime resident and protagonist Eddition Tully, played by none other than our current President, George W. Bush, finds himself thrown into King’s Landing to cleanse his father’s House of Stormwrights, and he plans to marry Queen Cersei to take the Iron Throne.

Meanwhile back in the capital city of Westeros, where Cersei and her new husband Jon Snow are busy consolidating their power, a mysterious stranger arrives at King’s Landing bearing news. The Queen, worried that her husband has been taken hostage, orders her forces to march on King’s Landing, but what they don’t realize is that their enemy is a group of wildfire fanatics led by a man named Balder, a known sorceress. Not content to take Cersei and Jon captive, she also wants to kill the queen, and so Jon Snow, desperately seeking a way to get to the frontlines fast, runs back to his father’s home. But as he makes his way through the house, he uncovers a secret that will change everything, and he is forced to join his sister Cersei in battle with the wildfire fanatics. Who Wins Game of Thorns is one of the best fantasy epics of recent years.

If you’re familiar with George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series then you know that the central theme is Cersei and Jon Snow battling to become the true heir to the throne. It’s the subplots, as well as the interactions between the two characters, that really drive the story. There are many different faces we recognize in Jon Snow and Cersei. For instance, Dostoyevsky presents a unique look into both characters due to his Russia based viewpoint. In terms of the Game of Thorns, there are several major players in this amazing scene that are also present in the greater show.

First up in the season 1 finale is the surprising reveal that not only does Cersei have an illicit love affair with a member of the royal family, but she plans to marry him soon. This is a major development, as it goes against all known rules, and especially since Tyrion has just announced that he will not stand in her way. When Cersei reveals her plan to the rest of her forces, several of her suspects are brought into the fold including the Hand of the Kings, Myrcella, Baelish, and the Hound.

The Red Wedding was the highlight of the season 1 finale, and it is easily the most talked about scene from the series. The death of Margaery’s unborn baby was a major shock to the entire audience, especially since it occurred while Cersei was pregnant. Brien tries to comfort the visibly disturbed Queen by informing her that Tywin and Kevan are safely with the infant. The crowd applauds for joy as Margaery’s baby is delivered into the arms of its mother.

Following the shocking realization that Cersei has been sleeping with her husband to hide the fact that she’s having an affair, the entire HBO audience begins to question who is going to be crowned King during the next season. The crowd once again provides a standing ovation for “the wildling” as he is declared the new king. Although Cersei’s true motivations were revealed in the previous episode, it is now clear why she murdered her son and brother to keep him from interfering in her bid for the throne.

Another popular fan favorite from the first season of HBO’s wildly popular drama, Dothraki, is killed during a botched robbery attempt. This time, however, her murder is not by a band of muggers, but by a group of terrorists who ambush her while she is shopping at a market. As the terrorists draw nearer to her location, Cersei makes the mistake of ordering her guards to open fire. Kevan, who happens to be a guard assigned to protect Cersei, kills one of the terrorists with his sword, killing them instantly. As Cersei lays dying, Kevan distracts her with a surprise lie and she flees the scene.

Most fans will agree that the most shocking moment in Deltas of Kings comes in the very end, when the killer known as the “dook” tells Cersei that she will be marrying her prince, and that he has a daughter named Marga. Marga and her husband, the Night King, are discovered by Marga’s sister, Jorah, who kill the duke and her entire household, while the dodds flee into the Red Keep. In the end, Cersei realizes that she can trust Kevan, but Jorah convinces her that Marga belongs to her. Cersei then decides to execute her true father, Balor, before executing Marga, but Balor sends her a raven, telling her not to go through with it. Before she does, Cersei gives him a chance to leave, which he agrees to. Later on, in the finale, after Cersei has killed the evil king, the HBO viewer sees that Balor has taken Marga to a Hidden City where he trains her as a warrior.

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