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When it comes to traveling, Pakistanis always opt for a comprehensive travel insurance package. This is not because they are greedy or miserly; it is because they know that general travel insurance packages in Pakistan are expensive and that only special plans can provide them with financial stability. Before traveling, it is important to prepare your travel insurance portfolio and discuss with your travel agents, what you are expecting from the package. For instance, if you are going to visit Rawal Lake, you may require a medical insurance which can cover all the medical expenses for you as well as your family. Most of these packages also include baggage insurance, which will cover lost or delayed baggage, loss of luggage, damage to personal belongings, and other related risks and uncertainties.

However, do not expect your travel insurance Pakistan to provide for every possible risk and possibility, something is better than nothing. As an intelligent Pakistani citizen, you should always opt for a travel insurance package that can provide you coverage for all possible risks and complications along your route. It is wise to opt for a package that not only covers your medical care but also offers you a complete coverage for loss of baggage, theft, trip cancellation and travel delays. Make sure your travel insurance Pakistan includes coverage for loss of personal effects, which include jewelry, electronic gadgets, cash, cameras, etc.

Another major concern of people planning to travel outside Pakistan is about the security of their baggage. The travel insurance Pakistan must have a clause covering all possible security issues and incidents during travel. Make sure your coverage includes compensation for loss or damage to your luggage, personal belongings, and even the loss or damage of documents like passport and visa.

Loss or delay of baggage is one more serious problem faced by travellers. This issue becomes even more serious if the luggage is overbooked or has been damaged during transportation. There are two types of baggage, checked baggage and carry on luggage. When travelling outside Pakistan, the luggage must be accompanied by a valid travel document. If there is any loss or damage of the baggage during transit, the traveler will be liable to pay for the compensation through the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Cancellation of flights and travel insurance is another common problem. If there are significant changes in the weather along with severe weather conditions such as heavy showers or thunderstorms, at times it becomes impossible to travel and the airline company cancels the flight. Before agreeing to refund your money, you must contact your insurance company.

The third major concern is about loss or theft of baggage. You must report your bag loss or theft immediately to youruggage clerk or travel agent. They will assist you in filing an insurance claim form with the local airport authorities. The Bag and Contents Insurance company will assist you in filling up the claim form and collecting the compensation from the airline. The only thing that you need to do is to provide them with the contact details of your travel companions. In case, if the bags of your companions are lost, you should inform the insurance company about it as soon as possible.

The fourth risk factor is pre-existing medical conditions. Before travelling, you should check with your regular doctor to find out whether you are fit to travel or not. It is better not to travel if you have any medical condition that might complicate the journey. The doctor will tell you the list of medical conditions that can prohibit you from travelling. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, the insurance company may not cover the cost of your travel and may require you to pay the cost of medical treatment elsewhere.

The fifth and final risk factor is personal injury. It is very possible that you may meet with an accident or fall seriously injuring yourself. If this happens, the airlines will not pay for medical treatment and you will have to incur medical costs yourself. Hence, it is advisable to inform the travel insurance provider in advance about any medical conditions you have. Moreover, a travel insurance policy covers you against personal injury, loss of luggage and personal belongings, loss of cash or services etc.

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