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A travel industry is an organisation that caters to the requirements of the travel consumer worldwide. A travel agency is usually a privately owned business or publicly funded agency that offers travel and hospitality-related services either to the public or to a specific clientele, such as holidaymakers. Some travel industry businesses are international, extending their business into European and international areas. Others may specialize in offering only tours and related services within a certain geographical area. In addition, some travel industry businesses provide travel advice and suggestions as well as related travel information to customers. The travel industry is a global business with annual revenues estimated at more than $60 billion.

Despite the size and scope of the travel industry, it is virtually impossible to talk about all of its sectors and the different facets that it influences. In terms of a global perspective, perhaps the most recognizable segment of the industry is that of airlines and travel agencies. Airlines are a crucial link between travellers and destinations. Airlines make flights available to people everywhere and help people plan their trips. While most passengers fly on domestic flights, there are some who fly on transcontinental flights and international air cruises.

Another facet of the travel industry is the tourism industry. Tourism generates enormous revenue not only for the country that hosts the tourists, but for the hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other establishments that provide facilities and services for visiting citizens. The tourism industry is closely linked to various sectors of the economy, including finance, travel, and the different location-based industries such as agriculture and forestry. Many tourists are primarily motivated by a desire to witness a different location, some may be specifically interested in a specific culture or type of people, while others seek to experience an exciting new cultural experience.

One can draw a comprehensive picture of the travel industry by looking at its impact on the different sectors of the economy. Economists estimate that the travel industry supports over 900,000 jobs directly linked to the tourism industry and another employment level of close to twenty-five thousand. Additionally, most people who travel frequently are part of various networks that help them secure travel opportunities and thus indirectly support the economies of various destinations.

The growth of air travel has led to significant improvements in both the quality and safety of travel, leading to more satisfied travellers. For example, the significant growth in low cost airlines such as Ryan Airline and Qatar Airways has led to increased competition among airline companies resulting in lower rates and better customer service. This has led to more satisfied travellers and consequently improved satisfaction ratings of travellers. Furthermore, travellers have become less cost conscious, opting for flights that offer the lowest costs available to them on short notice.

Tourist information is an important resource for travellers planning a trip. There are numerous sources of tourist information, from travel brochures and posters to websites and social media sites that provide travellers with information regarding local attractions and facilities as well as detailed information on how to plan a trip and what to do in each town. Tourist information can also be obtained by interacting with tour operators and hotel staff. Additionally, many tourists rely on online reviews and testimonials provided by other travellers which provide insight into the quality of local accommodation and attractions as well as tips for spending time in each location.

Another important facet of the tourism industry is the hotel industry. In most developed countries, hotels are the largest employer and contribute financially to the economy. The growth of the hotel industry has led to an increase in home stays and overall spending by tourists. In turn, this has led to job creation in the hospitality sector as well as an expansion of the tourism industry throughout the world. Additionally, the growth of the hospitality industry supports local employment opportunities in finance, management, accounting, and other pertinent fields.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the travel industry encompasses a wide variety of job markets. With globalization expanding the horizons of many people and travelling becoming more common, there is likely to be job openings available in almost every field imaginable. By taking advantage of online job boards, contacting travel job agencies, and interacting with tourism and business partners, anyone can find a variety of interesting travel jobs.

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