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Prof Zakir Naik

During the convocation of iqra university, 332 graduating students received master degrees while 125 students were awarded silver medals for their exceptional performance here in the convention center on Tuesday. Dr Muhammad Zakir Naik, the director of iqra university, delivered a speech during the convocation that touched upon various aspects of education and discussed how education can be achieved and how we can get motivated to work hard for it. He also urged the students to seek self-awareness in each student and to be aware of their academic performances.

Zakir Naik, is a Pakistan academician, currently holding the doctorate in public health, M. Phil and Ph.D from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. In his speech he highlighted the need to focus on curriculum, research methodology and student excellence while running this program. He proposed six PPE key benefits of implementing an iqra university scholarship program. This would ensure the PHD and postgraduate diploma holders quality, professional development, social and communal service. This would in turn generate more employment opportunities, which would be the primary goal of all universities as well as private institutions involved in education and research.

According to Zakir Naik, the prime objective of any educational program is to develop leadership qualities in its students. He believed that this can only be done with adequate inputs from the universities themselves with close collaboration with various stake holders and experts from within Pakistan. He further went on to state that the current situation whereby education lacks quality is deteriorating day by day and students are getting left out of the process. This is why he believed that the introduction of a university scholarship program would ensure that students from different backgrounds are adequately catered to.

The students might not be financially comfortable yet, but with their bright future ahead of them they would be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor in their chosen profession. Zakir Naik went on to state that the success of any project is dependent upon its organization. Therefore the first step would be to organize the necessary conferences and seminars as well as workshops for the intended audience. He further added that there should be a set of rules that would govern such activities, to ensure that everyone adheres to the rules and regulation. There should also be provisions for appeals process and notification system in case someone feels that something is not as it should be.

There have been several instances of students malpractice at various university colleges here in Pakistan. There were cases of students indulging in alcohol drinking and drug abuse. A study conducted in Islamabad has revealed that most of the students feel a sense of belonging with a group when they are in a campus. This would go a long way in building their personality, as they would feel like belonging to something rather than feeling like a distinct individual. Thus, with proper coaching and encouragement; the students will be able to rise above the small issues that come their way and emerge as leaders. It would also help them take up responsibility for their actions.

Zakir Naik also advised the young professionals to seek help from foreign universities, if they are unable to find an appropriate school here in Pakistan. There are many foreign universities that offer degree programs in management and counseling. These programs would help in grooming the management students for high level jobs in the international scenario. It would also help them make better contacts and widen their horizons.

There are various other programs available which would help those who wish to further their education to understand the basic concepts of psychology and counselling. Such a course would prepare the students for careers in counselling, law, international relations and even in non-profit organizations. Counseling and therapy courses would also give them an in depth knowledge about human development and the psychological aspects of human behavior. Counseling would also prepare them for leadership positions. In order to attain these goals; it would be essential to select the correct faculty, the right educational facility and the right academic advisor.

Zakir Naik was born to a modest family in Pakistan and joined the Army. After the service he joined the Ummayeed University in Islamabad. After graduating he transferred to the University of Leeds where he earned a master’s degree in education. He then pursued a doctorate in Education at Cambridge University.

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