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Interested In Studying At Indus University?

Established in the year nineteen seventy-two, Indus University has long been a leading institution of higher learning in the dusty and damp Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India. Since its inception, the very existence of this university has been threatened by various forms of attack from within and without. The decades-long armed struggle by the people of Rajasthan for a free state has left a deep imprint on its ethos and philosophy; as such the university was forced to abandon its goal of spreading its wings globally and concentrate exclusively on establishing institutions that would help create a better future for its people. Yet, despite all the dangers, Indus has remained unshackled throughout and is today a vibrant and successful open educational institute with thousands of students enrolling every academic year.

The most important feature that Indus uses to attract students is the flexible and convenient nature of their curriculum. Although the core subjects are the same, the manner in which the course is taught and the flexibility with which the syllabus is tailored vary from institution to institution. For example, the management and economics syllabus at Indus consist of modules that take between six and eight weeks to complete. In this respect, it is not entirely dissimilar to the management courses offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or Oxford University. However, the level of teaching and co-curricular interaction is substantially lower in comparison to these famous universities.

Students are also allowed to choose the kind of faculty they prefer to join. Candidates have to go through an orientation program, during which they are evaluated on their previous academic experience, work performance and the suitability of the faculty position. At the end of the program, students will receive detailed information about the kind of faculty positions that are available at the institution and the procedure for applying for them. There are a host of other advantages as well, including regular communication with leading scholars and opportunities to work in close collaboration with eminent scholars from different fields of academia.

The major research areas at Indus include astro-physiology, oceanography, microbiology, ecology, earth science and geology. Students studying at Indus can expect to have a broad knowledge base in all of these disciplines and may be exposed to international research collaborations and scientific conferences, as well as local research projects, on a daily basis. In addition, they can participate in a host of community-based activities, such as photography workshops, art shows, cookery classes and sports events. The students may also opt to pursue a degree in any of the many graduate schools in India and abroad. A large number of foreign faculty members join the faculty of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi), Ruparel College, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-JEE), Hyderabad Metropolitan University, Indian Institute of Management Education and Research (IIMER), Cama College, Kanjeevaram University, Alavi College, Indian Medical College, JNU, AIIMS, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-B campus) and numerous others.

Flexibility in the program schedule is one of the main factors that draw students to Indus. Students can choose to pursue a course of their choice, even when the class hours overlap with other courses being taken at the IITs. They do not need to worry about timings because the program runs full swing from Monday to Sunday. For example, during the academic holidays, you would not need to get up early to find a matinee or miss a class.

The cost of education is very competitive. In India, tuitions are generally free but there are some private institutions that charge exorbitantly. However, Indus University offers scholarships to deserving students. Depending upon your field of study and financial need, you can avail of study loans from the university or a private bank. There are also some student services and support services, which you can avail if you are financially handicapped.

The facilities offered by the institution are excellent and the students have excellent accommodation. Housing is very spacious and comfortable, especially for those residing outside Delhi. The campus is quite safe, despite the presence of some low-level crime elements. You can also benefit from some medical assistance, if required. If you wish to pursue your engineering degree, you can pursue your course without leaving your room as you will be living and studying in the university premises.

The main stream of education is Engineering and Computer Science. There are over 900 students enrolled in these streams. These students are given the flexibility to choose courses, depending on their interests. They can pursue a degree in any of the following fields – Civil Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Medicine, Civil Security, Computer Engineering and Materials Science and Systems. The faculty is made up of highly skilled and experienced professionals with excellent credentials. Therefore, it is no wonder that Indus University is such a popular choice among international students for higher education.

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