Which field is best in Pakistan 2020

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Which Field is Best in Pakistan 2100?

The question ‘Which field is the strongest in Pakistan?’ has been bothering many students of international business and politics for many years. Since it is always an issue in any part of the world where competition is very keen, it is not surprising that many students often end up with a few choices. It could be that some fields are thriving in Pakistan while others are languishing. In any case, it leads to an inevitable question: which field is best in Pakistan?

Let us begin by understanding the meaning of the different fields that form the Pakistani market. Agriculture is perhaps the most important sector. With an agriculture industry of over a billion dollars annually, it is no surprise that many young professionals are flocking to become farmers. The area of specialization in this field is very vast; from cholera and dengue to poultry and dairy. The demand for highly qualified professionals especially those with degrees in related fields like agro-chemical, agriculture, horticulture, livestock, poultry, and veterinary medicine is also increasing.

Engineering is another area that is on the rise. With numerous construction and engineering projects happening across Pakistan every year, there is an increasing demand for skilled manpower. This field is witnessing a boom due to the influx of large numbers of educated Punjabi and Azeris from the southern part of India. There are also a good number of educated Bengalis who have migrated to Islamabad. They have trained in the advanced fields of electronics, computer science, aerospace and nuclear technologies.

Information technology is another highly promising field in Pakistan. As it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, there is a constant need for skilled IT professionals. There are a lot of multinational companies operating here, which provide IT professionals on a contract basis. The government has also made a concerted effort to set up a number of cyber parks and information technology zones.

Automobile manufacturing is another profitable field. Many small and local auto-dealers are making a name for themselves in the market. They are using modern methods and technologies to market their vehicles. Pakistan is emerging as a car manufacturing hub in the Middle East.

Energy is an important part of our economy, yet most of the oil supplies are being captured by big oil companies. Because of this, there is a fierce competition among the oil companies to be the sole provider of oil and gas to the taps. Pakistan is an oil exporter and importer of oil. It is one of the few countries that receive a significant amount of crude oil from the oil pipelines.

Agriculture is a major area of growth in Pakistan. Farmers have found a solution to feed the hungry masses without spending a fortune. They have found solutions to feed the people through the organic concept of farming. This has been helpful in eliminating the hunger factor that the people are suffering.

Which field is best in Pakistan 2021? The answer is agriculture. Farmers have been able to increase the production through the use of modern technology. The results have been amazing; yields have increased by about 30%! Demand for agricultural products has also increased. Farmers who were once forced to forage in the streets for what they grow have found new meaning in life through the invention of modern technology.

Education is another key issue in education. There has been a massive growth in the number of educational institutions. These have been set up to provide quality education to the youth. The demand for skilled professionals in the field of education has also increased due to the growth in oil pipelines in the country.

Energy security is a major concern for all countries. Protection of our energy supply is one of the most important issues in Pakistan’s future. The threats to our energy supplies are rising daily. War may break out at any time; therefore, proper preparations have to be made to ensure energy supply security. Oil pipelines in Pakistan are highly vulnerable to sabotage and infiltration from Afghanistan.

To build oil pipelines is to ensure the security of the country’s energy supply. The completion of this pipeline will help Pakistan become a major exporter of natural gas. However, it is vital that this energy project is done carefully and that all measures be taken to avoid sabotage and any accidents. There are many other projects like the Chitra oil pipeline in the west, the Chitra energy project in the south and the Muhammad Yousaf pipeline in the east that are also important for providing energy to Pakistan. All these pipelines can help the country’s economy grow tremendously.

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